We organize original, well designed and facilitated learning events focused on increasing collaboration skills that will improve the performance of your teams.

Participants in our workshops complete challenging assignments using oldtimers and whilst doing so acquire new skills through experience based learning.

The result?

Your employees return to the workfloor with new skills leading to better results!  This is how Teamskills creates added value for our customers.

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teambuiding volvo


Two entrepreneurs with a strong HR background who combine more than 40 years of professional experience decided to improve the way people work together!

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Learning Events

We organise unique learning events that make your employees work better together. We offer both standard programs as well as custom made solutions.  For more information on content and pricing see the program description:

Our Workshops


Basic skills to collaborate successfully: Our workshops are centered around some key success factors that are essential for people to work and perform together efficiently.

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About us

We looked for an exercise that brings people out of their comfort zone and also translates easy to the workfloor.  We soon arrived at using oldtimers, specifically the Volvo 144:  

When you enter the car you quickly find out how basic everything is.  Only four gears, turning the car is hard labor, to stop the car you need to push hard on the brakes and parking the car is a desaster. 

Without good colaboration the participants cannot complete the assignment. .

By providing a good theoretical basis combined with a challenging assignment the participants experience exceptional learning.  During the debrief their experiences are translated to their real live work situation. 

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Our Learning programs

What does it bring?

Our original, well designed and facilitated learning events focus on increasing collaboration skills that will improve the performance of your teams. This way they will work together more efficiently with colleagues, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders. They will return to the workfloor with concrete actionplans on how to f.e. make better workagreements which automatically will lead to higher results.  Exactly this is where Teamskills creates added value for its customers.

Our programs are suited for traditional functional teams as well as virtual cross-functional teams, project teams or management teams.

Half-day program "Succesful Collaboration"


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Day program "Succesful collaboration"


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Custom made program

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All our learning events are elegible for the “kmo-portefeuille” of the flemisch governement

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